9 Benefits of aloevera

9 Benefits of aloevera- 

Aloevera is wellknown and best among all the medicinal plants.Aloevera is the remedy for the many of health and other Beauty and hair related issues.Its virtues were identified before many years ago. Aloevera has been used by the people for 6000 years. And the good thing about the aloevera plant is its easily available and one can grow it at home also.

Plant of aloevera

Generally aloevera is stemless or short stemmed plant which has thick and flashy leaves. Its hight is about 60 -100Cm.Generaly aloevera is used by breaking the stalk to extract the gel like substance and then it is used either as topical to skin or hair and also ingested.

Here is the

9 Benefits of aloevera

1.Cold and cough

Peel of the bark (upper layer) of aloevera and make  juice of it and store it.when you suffer with cold or cough use this one spoon juice mix it into one glaas of water mix well and drink it. Aplly this for five days in a row You will get relief from cold and cough. If u have suffering from permanent cold then you should use this remedy for a month specially in a winter season.you will get the results for sure.

2.weight loss

If you want to remove your weight then aloevera also helps you there.If u want to get the rid of obbesity then you should take aloevera juice regularly. It will remove toxins from the body and improves the metabolism of our body. And as our metabolism process improves weight starts to reduce.so the one who wants to reduce his should take aloevera regularly.

3.Reduce cholesterol

Aloevera contain beta sitosterol which reduce the bad cholesterol from our blood.And the way cholesterol which mostly resposible for the heart attack and veins blockage.aloevera reduce this cholesterol and this way it improves the health of our precious heart.so if you want to improve your heart’s helath then you should take aloevera daily.

4.The scars of burning

If you burn somewhere then apply mixture of aloevera pulp and one spoon honey on it.It will give u soothing effect and also it will help to remove that scar of burning.Aloevera having cooling nature so it provides releief from burning sensation.

5.urine infection

If someone having urine infection and feeling pain while peeing then aloevera can be  helpful.To remove this infection daily take one spoon aloevera pulp with empty stomach in the morning.it will help to get rid of this urine ifection.

6.Pain of joints

If one have complain of pain in joints then he should apply the pest of aloevera pulp+Some ammount of Turmeric powder after heat for 5 mins apply on the place where you feel pain.It will surely help you remove the pain.

7.Improves immunity

The antioxident property of aloevera helps our body to fight against infection and keep the our body healthy.It also works as anti aging substance and make you look young.

8.Remove infection

The Vitamins and the minerels of aloevera helps us to keep our body safe from the harmful bacteria and fungal infection.

9.Good Hair 

The Last but not least aloevera is widely use for the treatment of hair.many people are taking advantage of it .Aplly aloevera Pulp on hair once in a week it will make your hair silky and also improve growth of hair

Benefits of aloevera
This is the 9 valuable fantastic uses of aloevera the most useful medicinal plants

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