Download January Ekam kasoti PAT timetable

Download January Ekam kasoti PAT timetable

So here is the unit test for the second sem of year 2020-2021 .This article is about the  PAT periodical assesment test also known as the unit test or ekam kasoti of January 2020-21. you can download the timetable of January ekam kasoti 2020-21.

As we know in this pandemic schools are not open for the students but Home learning is on as students are learning from the home with various online medium, and education department arranges periodical assessment test every month during this period .So this December Which eakm kasoti pat will be taken ?,which chapter will be asked? which subject will be there ? All answer is here .Pls download October ekam kasoti pat time table from below link

  1. Also attached the ideal process of How to conduct PAT ekam kasoti teachers and students have to follow that.



In the January there will be a test of Maths and gujarati in standard 3 to 8.this ekam kasoti will be held on 28/01/2021 and 29/01/2021.And the hard copy of the above test paper should be reach to students on 27/01/2021.

one can get hard copy of the above test on 

on date 27/01/ can QR code given in index of the textbook.students have to send their ekam kasoti books before 5th Feb 2021.

According to the above subject and context, for the purpose of assessment with homework during coviD-19 period, periodic values ​​test was conducted in July, August and September and in October for students of Std. 1 to 8 in each medium in primary schools. first language  tests will be taken in Std. 6 and 8 in the month of December. gujarati and maths tests will be taken in Std. 6 while Mathematics, Science and Social Science subjects will be taken in Std. 6 to 8. • The above periodic values ​​can be tested. It will be held from 3rd to 24th October, by 9/10/2030, the students will have to reach the test in hard copy or hundred copies. • Date. On 8/10/2018, all the medium tests will be made available on GCERT website www.gcert as well as Gujarati medium test which can also be seen in the QR code on the textbook index of that subject. . It is expected that the student writes the test from home under the supervision of the guardian and the student for the convenience of the student. The purpose of the test is to know the progress of the student. Desirable, – Criteria will be prepared keeping in view the learning outcome. A copy of the test study order is attached herewith.

Following Ekam Kasoti will be taken

6SOCIAL SCIENCE5,6,7,11,16

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