Fix pay related todays news report 6/11/2019

Fix pay related todays  news report 6/11/2019

Fix pay employees are eagerly waiting for the judgement of the equal work equal pay case which is pending in supreme court.It was on board of court yesterday but attorney general who representing government was busy in another court so he asked the pass over.It was criticosed by the fix pay employees lawyer Prashant bhushan said that it is 
Improper tactic by the government which enjoying the stay by the supreme court over the Gujarat highcourt decision.
Fix pay policy was took in place in 1997 earlier it was only in teachers post as government appointed teachers as the post name Balguru on the monthly salary 2500 rs when shanakrsinh Waghela  was  the chief minister of Gujarat
Then it was 2006 when gujarat government include all the government jobs under the fix pay policy for five years .They gave the rise in fix salary when the employees protest against this policy time by time but still this is a pain in neck for the fix pay employees.
As gujarat highcourt gave the judgement in the favour of fix pay employees but then gujarat government went to the supreme court and took stay on that judgement and still its continues.

NEXT DATE 14/11/2019

Then it was a new date for hearing will be 14th of november 2019.
It is very long period that this case is pending in supreme court and fix pay employees are suffering with the fix pay policy and waiting for the results of this case but there has been thousands of time but still its pending in the court.

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