Darpan diary distribution related news

Darpan diary distribution related news

Darpan books which will shows all the data of individual will be given to each students this year too.As we know last year a book given to each students named darpan diary which contained all the details of the students including family details ,hobbies, activities,library books ,unit test marks details, semester exam marks and also the syllabus of all the subjects which become very useful and informative for the students it’s also have the suggestion boxes for the students in which teachers have to give comments for the students as per the performance.

Will this year Darpan diary been given?

The answer is yes …This year also Darpan diary will be given to students and it has been officially announced by SSA gujarat.

It will be soon available to schools as per mentioned in the Letter published by the SSA.






as per the letter

Subject As per the above subject, it is to be mentioned that in the current academic year, for the students studying in Std. 6 to 8, the work of delivering Darpan Diary at Gujarat Center Textbook Board, Gandhinagar at Taluka Center / BRC is going on at present. Mirror Diary Taluka wise – Standard number is included with this. It is requested to check the literature given at the taluka center as per the excel sheet and accept the standard mirror diary and after receiving the literature, distribute it to the following schools immediately. Mirror diary will have to be given in government primary school, ashram school (social welfare and tribal), model school, model day school, KGBV schools for standard 6 to 8. After finding the literature considering the above matter, Darpan Diary CRC. Please make the necessary order from your level to distribute to schools through.


To Download official letter click here

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