Letter for the video conference about the home learning

Letter for the  video conference about the home learning 

Due to covid 19 schools are open but not advised for the students to come and therefor government bring the Home learning programme for the students to learn things at the home.Home learning will start from the 15 june for that there is a video conference arranged on 12th june at 10.30 to 11.30 and all government non government granted primary secondary and higher secondary’s principal are advised to watch this conference.
 A video conference is organised of the Secretory of education and all the other authorized person will be present in the conference.

Subject: Promotion of activities under ‘Home Learning’.

 According to the above subject, due to the current Corona epidemic, children may not be called to school for some time, even during this time for all students of Std.  Doordarshan DD Girnar channel under “Home Learning” will start broadcasting educational programs from 15th of june
 Apart from this, a separate program has been organized for “Home Learning” for the guidance of this program.  On 09.2030 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am in the presence of Hon’ble Secretary (Pvt. & Ma, Education) and State Project Director, Head of Education and Departments in the presence of Hon’ble Secretary on Home Affairs.  A video conference is planned, so tomorrow at the said time you and all the principals of all the primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in your district will be instructed from your level to watch this video conference and also make necessary arrangements for this.  Please notify your subordinate office 
To download the official letter click on below link
To watch the conference click here

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