Nomination form of School inspector

Nomination form of School inspector

GSQAC-Gujarat school quality accreditation Council regarding invititon of nomination for school inspector for those who wants to work as school inspectro from the field of education.

Who can apply

For this post the person who is working in education field can apply like TPEO,kelvani nirikshak,BRC CO.,CRC co.,HTAT,Assi Teacher can apply for this post.

What is the time limit of this nomination process 

One can apply for the nomination from 16th of june to 23rd june 2019

How to nominate

For the nomination one  should have fill a google form which is available on GCERT website under the tab
nomination form of school inspector
Or click below to nominate

After the nomination there will be a Exam and observation workshop process before the selection.

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  1. Unknown

    What is syllabus and how many required post for district, what work school inspector will do

  2. Unknown

    How many requirtment for all district ?

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