Official letter of bonus salary to election staff

Official letter of bonus salary to election staff

Recently gujarat government announced the extra bonus salary +DA to the staff who was performing election duty this loksabha election

Why is this bonus for

This year it was expected that some seats will be won by opposition but all 26 loksabha seats won by the Ruling party in Gujarat so in this occasaion Gujarat government announced the bonus for the election staff. 
It was a report in news paper some days before but now its the official letter from the government of gujarat.

Bonus salary to election staff

All the staff who performed the election duties will get the bonus 1 month salary +100% DA .

Who will get the bonus salary

  1. All the collectors & District election officers
  2. All resident additional collectors
  3. All deputy district election officers
  4. All returning officers for parlamentary contituencies
  5. All assistant returning officers for parlamentary constituencies
  6. All the permament election staff
  7. Temporary election staff
  8. Stenographers,drivers and peons
The employee who is working on fixation or contractual bases will recieve one month salary of thier fix one month salary.
Download official letter of bonus salary

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