Second PAT Ekam kasoti date declared

Date declared for second PAT periodical Assessment Test 2020 for standaard 3 to 8 it will be on 27 and 28 August

What is the process for 2nd PAT unit test ekam kasoti

According to the above subject and context, for the purpose of assessment along with home learning during covM19 period, periodic assessment test has been conducted for the students of standard 6 to 8 in every medium in the primary schools in the month of July. Regarding the test to be taken in the month of August, you are requested to take further action from your level by considering the following matters, the test of environment in Std. It will be held during 2nd and 3rd August. Students will have to reach the test in hardcopy or softcopy by 3/08/2050. • Date. Tests of all mediums will be made available on GCERT website ( on 9/06/2050 as well as Gujarati medium tests which can be seen in the first GR code of the first chapter of the textbook of that subject. * It is expected that the student will write from home under the supervision of the head of the test parent and the student at the convenience of the student. The purpose of the test is to know the progress of the student. It is desirable for the students to give the test in a fear-free and stress-free environment. Test answer book Dat. It is desirable that it should be delivered to the school through parents by 06/04/2050..

So this is the all process teachers have to follow to conduct the PAT examination as we know that there is no school is open for the students right now but teachers are come in to school as per the requirment And they have to make available the hard copy to the students before 26th of August . As you know the PAT Will be of 25 marks earlier it was held on every saturday  for standard 3 to 8 anD also a answer booklet given to students But due to covid students are not present in the school but the learning for them is still on so thus for the assessment of their learning outcomes this ekam kasoti is held  and also the as

Which will be the subjects of the second PAT ekam kasoti

3 -paryavaran 1 to 6 chapter

4 -Paryavaran 1 to 6 chapter

5- Paryavaran 1 to 5 chapter

6 -Science  1,2,3,4


7 -SCIENCE 1,2,3,4


8-SCIENCE 1,2,3,4


These will be the subject and syllabus for the ekam kasoti


You can also download the official letter by clicking below link





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