Today’s CCC Bisag main points

Today’s CCC BISAG main points

Today Gujarat education department adds another digital feather in thier top-knot. As Chief minister Vijay Rupani innaugrate the CCC Cammand and control center  Gandhinagar from there they will keep an eye on all gujarat schools and their activity.

Todays Confernce were held at Mahatma gandhi mandir where Mr vijay Rupani ,Bhupendrasinh Chudasam,Vibhavari Dave, also gave the guidance.before  that All the minister visited the Control and command center too.

CRC BRC will be given Tablet

After the conference CRC and BRC will be given the Tablet with the GPS enabeled Tablet to keep Online control on the Gunotsav 2.0.
CRC ,BRC control and monitoring regarding tablet distribution and uses latest circular -we all know now days the education department of Gujarat is on the way to being totaly digital,as we have witness the Online attendance,online marks upload of mission vidhya ,unit test ,standard 2  upacharatmak kary etc all are connected to the digital activity.
So  to make it more effective government wants to monitor effectively and for that they planned to give tablet with the GPRS enabled Tablet to all Grass root officer like CRC and BRC to monitor all the school and control them from new opened Control and command center Gandhinagar.

9/6/18 Conference of Hon.Chief minister- 

Sunday date 9/6/18 there is a confernce will be held at mahatma mandir and chief minister will give guidance about the upcoming project in educational department all the teacher advised to watch the conference in the school. 

Distribution of  tablet

After the conference MIS cordinator have to collect the tablet of his CRC and BRC which will be provited to them.
After that CRC and BRC will have to purcahse a Sim card having good connectivity and  have to keep GPS On always while visiting School and may be thay have to video call from the control and command center.
By this way Gujarat government make a big step to reforms of Gujarat primary education .Let see how the result come

To download main points of Todays Meetings pls Click on below Link

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