vacation bad shalama shikshko e karvani kamgiri

vacation bad shalama shikshko e karvani kamgiri 

Vacation will be over on 8th of June but due to kovid 19  students will not be present at school so Director of primary education publish the letter indicating the instructions about the work teachers have to do in post kovid time

Shikshako kya sudhi books nu vitran karse

Teachers have to distribute textbooks before 13th of June and have to manage social distancing during the distribution of textbooks

Teachers also have to make ready audio and visual content for the students

Various instructions have been issued by the government on the epidemic of Kovid-19  Of the state
 Considering the prevailing situation of Covid virus (Covid-19) in different areas,
 How to promote education in a way that does not endanger health as well as schools.
 Under the provisions of (1) by the Director General of Elementary Education
 Matter of executing necessary instructions as per the proposal made from single file.
 The government was under consideration.
 At the end of the previous deliberations on the matter, the state government, non-government
 Granted (Out-of-Aid) and Private (° Winbhr) થ Primary, Secondary and Higher
 The current situation regarding the commencement of new academic year in secondary schools
 The following instructions are followed for HOME LEARNING accordingly.
 (1).  In all primary and secondary schools of the state from 08/06/20
 The work of giving admission in standard-1 and standard-9 has to be started and
 The data entry function will have to be completed in the dias of the admitted students.
 Attend school as required by the teacher / principal required for the function.
 Concerning which school to attend and when to attend the school.
 As per the instructions of the teacher / acharya for the work to be done on the basis of number.
 The teacher must ensure that he is present.
 (2) If the books are provided free of cost by the Government of India,
 Books were received from the student on 08/06/20 to 16/04/20.
 Every school has to make arrangements accordingly. Social for this
 By following the dream of Distancing, every student will definitely get the opportunity.
 The headmaster / principal of each school will have to plan.

Download the instruction for teachers

(3)As per the notice of the Home Department of the Government till 30/06/2020.
 So they don’t have to come to school but they have to study at home as per the study.
 HOME LEARNING will have to be started as soon as the growth is available.
 (4). H  H OM H OM OM OM
 Support for, online education, use of mobile, television
 You will have to do everything necessary through the medium
 (5) For children from DD GIRNAR television channel dated 19/06/20.
 The educational work will be reviewed. The time has come for GCERT and Gujarat.
 Secondary and Higher Secondary will be imparted by the Board of Secondary Education.  This
 An arrangement that applies to all the students of the school should be provided by the headmaster / principal of the school.
 It has to be done through teachers.
 (6) .All the children of every school so that all the children can avail the benefits of this program
 Accurately through the parent / guardian of the student / SMC, etc.
 Planning will have to be done.
 (7) To be supported by the State Government for HOME LEARNING of children.
 The most important benefit of a distance learning program is that your children can take advantage of it on a regular basis.
 Parents are also appealed for help and cooperation.
 (8). Through standard education campaign for standard 5 to 8, by GCERT for standard 6 to 8 and
 By Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board of Secondary Education for Std. 10 and 12
 Audio-visual learning content will be prepared
 (9) .Cooks and cereals for mid-day meal during the period of HOME LEARNING.
 Distribution will be arranged by the State Government.
 (10).  Where private schools provide home-based education for their students
 Such arrangements have been made by the schools which have also enrolled students under RTE.
 Not to be deprived of such education and also to provide printed material for them.
 Will have to make arrangements
 This resolution is on the file of the same number of this department from the date of Government 5/06/2050.
 Approval from the account is issued in accordance with the law.


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